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An Update

Kate’s Organics has paused trading and ceased providing deliveries while we explore a new direction. We wish to thank all of our past and present customers for supporting us. For those who are looking for recommendations on where you can continue to purchase amazing produce and support our local farmers - please contact us via email and we are happy to provide suggestions.

About Us

Originally from Toowoomba, I moved to the Gold Coast in 2020 looking for a change of scenery. I have a background in food and travel, knowing the value of high quality organic produce, creating Kate’s Organics (formerly trading as Permacare Organics) was a perfect fit.

My grandfather was a produce farmer in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. I have fond memories of listening to his stories and all of the fresh produce that was brought when they visited particularly his pumpkins.

My dream is to one day own land, produce food and have a family of my own like he and the generations before him did.

Transitioning to Kate’s Organics

Through 2021 Permacare Organics has transistioned to Kate’s Organics.

Our storefront has been changed to a new URL and branding. Still the same focus and goal to that PermaCare Organics have had to feed our local community fresh organic produce. Providing a sustainable food source for our future generations. Just with a new look.

Our ‘Why’

At Kate’s Organics we love and value family - food plays a vital role in supporting a healthy family unit. So much of the produce you see in the supermarket is left with very little nutrients having been in cold storage for months and covered in pesticides.

We want to provide an alternative and giving you confidence that you are feeding your family, fresh organic produce picked straight from the farm.

We want you to imagine that you are eating around my dinner table with each box you purchase. We want to give you only what we would want our family to eat - supporting the home the best way we can.

Our hope is that as our business grows we are able to increase the demand for organic produce, encourage more farmers to adopt organic farming methods and secure the benefits of clean, non GMO food for future generations.

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